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IN today's fast paced world where everyone is on a constant run, if you want to get ahead of the pack you should be dedicated, prepared, flexible to changes and never loose sight of the long term goals.This is especially true in the IT industry where changes happen at the speed of light shifting the goals with them and catching people unprepared.

Today India is surging ahead in all areas-be it infrastructure, entertainment, technology, retail, pharma, energy, core industries like steel, textile etc and every other industry vertical one can think of.

The country is coming out of a never-before-seen recession which has affected the lives of millions of people worldwide. The important requisite in any industry, company or entity to Grow and succeed is communication - clear, on time and precise. The media of this could be the Web, Phone, Fax or Email.

We at Swift realise the importance of this. We have been striving for over 20 years to add value to our stakeholders - investors, customers and partners by harnessing powers of the Internet in India. We have focused ourselves on offering services with high quality and efficiency to customers striving harder by setting higher goals and targets for everyone in the organization. Over the past year we have realized the importance of ensuring complete single window services to our clients and have strived towards building the same.

We plan to offer single point connectivity solutions encompassing Internet, Voice, Data, Hardware etc. Our Broadband and Leased line Services ensure high speed connectivity while our mobile access solutions via roaming wireless broadband ensures anytime-anywhere connectivity. VOIP services shall ensure low cost international and domestic (point to point) calling while our low cost PC offerings will ensure a never before penetration to the unexplored territories.

Our wired-access solutions is targeting clients in already existing wired networks with a new technology to ensure maximum reach while our wireless-access solutions are targeted in areas where wiring is a hassle and wireless easier. We plan to make individual homes wifi using a combination of our wired and wireless solutions reaching each home on existing available networks and partnering with existing Builders, Local Cable Operators, Building Associations etc. Here we wish to add tremendous value by bringing Fiber to Home of Users to give them unmatched services, speed and connecting them like never before.

We have gone beyond traditional ISP outlook and focused on services have partnered with various Software providers to manage Applications in critical networks to ensure maximum uptime via our Arcturus Solutions. In the evergrowing education segment we have brought in a dedicated end to end management of Campus via CRM which is a highly recognized and awarded solution.

Hence, we shall at the same time continue to strive towards reaching the mass market and offer more products and services in different segments and areas and adding positivity in more lives.

Each member of our organization realizes his importance in achieving these targets and pushes himself to better the same. This in turn has made Swiftmail grow beyond boundaries. We are proud to be delivery partners in India for lot of overseas counterparts.

Our partnership oriented approach is another area which should be stressed upon. We enjoy the trust of our Business Associates, Franchisees, Gateway Partners, C & F agencies, Dealers, Distributors etc. Spread across the length and breath of our large country ensuring our products and services reach all corners of the country. We are constantly on a lookout for right minded partners whose ideas and goals are similar to ours. By partnering, we pool are experiences, resources and expand our reach to far greater areas touching many more lives . We have been successful and have joined with several like minded people/groups as Associates and Partners, adding further to our strong quality and service oriented network across Country. 

We will strive harder and to the best of our capabilities to provide our customers with services he has not experienced before and provide support and quality of service which he would appreciate highly.

Should there be any area which you feel should be brought to our attention you can mail me directly at

Assuring you of our best services, 
Managing Director
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