Swift Online


Dedicated Internet Access Services

In a Nutshell we offer the below for Dedicated / Shared Internet Access Requirements
  • Links with Fiber, Wireless or Copper last mile depending upon sites.
  • Presence across 150+ cities and adding more new cities
  • Relationship with Top Tier 1 Carriers across India including Airtel, Tata, Reliance, Vodafone ensuring maximum coverage of any location across country.
  • Guaranteed Internet speeds to SwiftMail's backbone
  • Bandwidth options of 2 Mbps to Gigabit capacity for both Shared / Compressed & Premium leased lines.
  • Aggressive pricing to clients depending upon requirements.
  • Setting up of a physical line with total administration & single point contact
  • Router configuration according to bandwidth requirements.
  • Benefit to customers of our STM1 capacity link at the backend.
  • Supplying of the modems, router and other hardware along with complete installation both on buy-out and rental options.
  • Online traffic statistics and detailed billing
  • 24-hour support and maintenance
  • Service Agreements to all customers
  • Backup offered over high end wireless modems

Our Dedicated Internet Leased Line is a high-speed Internet solution for organizations with large communication and Information requirements. We provide world class internet services to organizations with large bandwidth requirement through it's internet gateways across the country by peering with Only TIER 1 Internet bandwidth providers across the world. We are a focused provider serving high performance Internet bandwidth and have been actively involved in helping large enterprises and Internet centric firms to capitalize on the Internet opportunity by delivering fast and reliable Internet connectivity.

We provide an unmatched combination of bandwidth, minimal packet losses, lower round trip time and zero downtime which adds value to the customers business. If you are searching for a 24-hr, high-bandwidth connectivity to support active networks, Web servers, large data and file transfers, and multimedia applications, SwiftMail's Dedicated Internet lease access is the answer for you !!

We are dedicated to provide our clients with highly cost effective customized & end-to-end solutions that mean individual needs & specifications resulting in our customers the competitive age in the market place.

We take up lease lines as an end-to-end packages where we oversee the entire implementation of the project from liasioning with the Basic Service Provider to ensuring faster installations and quicker uptimes in case of any problems.
Our inherent strength is state-of-the-art infrastructure that provides high-speed, redundant, load-balanced backbone Internet connectivity. The connectivity comes with a unmatched uptimes, as all cities where we offer our services have an alternative path for carrying the Internet traffic, in case any of the main links fail.

Our sophisticated network management tools carry out proactive monitoring of leased circuits and our performance management tools track bandwidth performance online, ensuring optimal performance. All built on an easy scalable architecture that allows us to augment bandwidth as and when the requirement arises.
Not only this, we also offer SLA's to its normal & premium leased line customers covering Service Availability, Latency & Packet loss aspects of the lease line. The Leased line can be provided both through normal local loops & Managed Leased lines provided by the Basic Service Operator (BSO)