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The Swift Group today had its humble beginning in the mind of our Founder and Chairman Late Shri Bharat Lal Patwari who at the young age of 18 embarked on the journey of doing something different. It was the year 1951 and India had just got its independence a few years before and was coming to terms with being an independent nation.

Bharat Lal

Mr. Bharat Lal Patwari, a person with visions of future even then, started yarn and garment trading between Delhi, Calcutta and other parts of the country. After developing the business, the firm was made by name and fashion of M/s Indian Overseas Corporation in the year 1953 which included Mr. Bharat Patwari as well as his brothers and other family members. Being a business oriented person he continued to expand businesses beyond borders and was irreplaceable in setting up export businesses in Bangladesh, Far East as well as European Countries.

Under his age is the Group took over industries from various different businesses like Sugar manufacturing as well as setup mills for spinning and weaving of cotton in Hyderabad.

Apart from IOCEE Exports and other traditional lines of business, SwiftMail and Geological Technologies Limited were initiated and conceptualized by Shri Bharat Lal Patwari. A visionary ahead of his times, he has always had the penchant for newer things and has been a vivid users and adaptor to change in technology.

Over the years he has directed and supported us to setup other multiple businesses in varying industries and it is under his guidance that the group has grown to its present heights and continues to grow each day.

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In his later years, he had retired from active business though he was an active participant in discussions and brain storming sessions and continued to hold the position of our Chairman.

Shri Bharat Lal Patwari was a wonderful human who exemplified wisdom and prophetic vision. His grit, determination and ethics for work and love and devotion to his family cannot be surpassed. An optimistic man and a thinker he was a visionary and future ready which is clear from the various industries he has touched and worked in.

During his journey he has given everything and asked little. As a man of simplicity, serving and helping others was his single joy. The dedication to inspire and serve his family has taken him on adventures around the world, away from the comfort of his home. He has left a legacy of foresight for his family and friends.

His sublime tales and clever analogies has inspired & awed many. His brilliant mind solved inexplicable events logically. For those who have had the pleasure of knowing him he leaves us a duty to tirelessly overcome adversity by hard work and original thought. No words can cover the respect and admiration he earned from peers, colleagues, family, friends and people who he has met in his long journey.

He has and will continue to remain an inspiration to all of us. He has taught us a lot and we have to carry on from where he has left. We are Blessed that he was a part of our lives and has given us direction and set us an example which we would strive to live up to.

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