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Parental Supervision

The Internet offers content on a vast range of subjects across websites. Such content often include sexually explicit images, violence, gambling, alcohol advertising, ideological extremism, etc. Although it has been an ongoing effort, it is quite difficult to contain/ restrict the availability of such content on websites.

SwiftMail Communications' Position
SwiftMail Communications supports the concern of parents, society and Government of India to make Internet access an educational and family-friendly experience. To meet this end, SwiftMail Communications has set certain business ethics and has launched a number of educational measures. The business ethics of SwiftMail Communications, in congruence with the statutory laws of the Union of India, discourages and/ or prohibits usage of its network, data center and application development services for:

  • Accessing of website that may contain material considered inappropriate (i.e. any material which is lascivious or appeal to the prurient interest or if its effect is such as to tend to deprave and corrupt persons who are likely, having regard to all relevant circumstances, to read, see or hear the matter contained or embodied in it).
  • Publishing of any website that may contain material deemed offensive, provocative or pornographic.
  • Design and development of any website that may require usage of material deemed offensive, provocative or pornographic.
    However it is known that many national governments and service providers thereof do not prohibit publishing or subscribing to such material on the World Wide Web, as they consider it against the spirit of freedom of expression. This has led to wide and easy availability of websites that contain information of pornographic, derogatory, derisive or racial nature. In such a situation parental supervision of Internet surfing by the children is strongly advised. In aid of this cause SwiftMail Communications has introduced a list of educational initiatives including:
  • Newsletters to clients on the ill effects of cyber pornography on minors
  • Banner campaign on protecting children from viewing inappropriate content
  • Online remedial measures at the websites of SwiftMail Communication
  • Availability of software for filtering Internet content

Content Screening Methods
To help parents, those seeking to supervise their children's Internet access, a number of filtering methods are available. Some of the filtering methods are directly available on popular Internet browsers like Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Such filters screen out objectionable content by using industry-standard ratings that have been defined independently by the Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) committee.

To make the filtering process more effective, stand-alone software are also available. These are software that run together with an Internet access program and blocks access to whatever type of content the parent believes inappropriate for their child. In this category we recommend Pearl Software's Cyber Snoop.

A third kind of screening is available in the form of online services. On subscribing to such a service, all Internet browsing is channeled through the screening service provider's computers. Each page requested by the browser is checked against a constantly updated list of blacklisted websites before being passed on for viewing.

The following are links to some sites, which provide useful Tools and Software for parents to block out the harmful pornographic material and to prevent their kids from accessing such sites.

Although there is no 100% guaranteed method, usage of the browser filters in conjunction with software or online screening services have proved to limit access to such inappropriate content. In addition, an increasing number of child-safe Internet sites offer positive guidance toward online resources that are especially useful for children.

Abuse Reporting
SwiftMail Communications runs an abuse reporting service that can be used for informing the Company of any website that parents feel are objectionable and are hosted using SwiftMail Communications's servers or data center. SwiftMail Communications would review such sites and take appropriate action.

Reporting of abuse can be made only in writing to

SwiftMail Communications Limited
4E Century Plaza, 560-562 Mt. Road,
Chennai 600 018, India.
Tel: 91 44 2434 9361/9092

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