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In country like India, where we have limited carriers with lot of restrictions and limitations for last mile connectivity to end user and if its available, the cost dose not suite to user's pocket. SwiftMail after analyzing all this chalked out a plan to come up with a low cost last mile offer to all its end user looking for a good speed and reliable connectivity solutions at an affordable pricing with smile.

Swiftmail roped in Cable operators/DID operators/Internet Providers with having their own cables laid in the city to cater BW to its SwiftNet Broadband customers, across India.

SwiftNet Broadband give opportunity to all entrepreneurs /cable operators/DID operators to join hand together and share the cake, even on equal basis, as far as revenues are concerned. Swiftmail provides a legal/Valid platform for the operators to run the show smoothly as Swift Holds a Class - A, ISP license which enables it to provide internet Service/Value added services, as permitted under the license, at all India level. To know more about Partnership model.

SwiftNet broadband is backed by latest technology and Bandwidth Management/ billing software for accurate BW delivery and billing, to provide comfort and security to the client on service front. The connectivity to all distribution points owned by BA are linked on RF and Fiber both for higher uptime and QOS.

SwiftNet Broadband offers a range of broadband packs starting from 256 Kbps to 2 Mbps(internet Bandwidth),unlimited, usage based, time bound and Data transfer range, as well. Swiftnet Broadband packs always give 256Kbps connectivity to Central server, irrespective of the internet BW taken by client. Apart from this every pack have three BW options for Data / Voice and Video which can be enabled anytime as per the requirement. Our services comply to the Government guidelines of Broadband as an 'always on' Internet Connection with a minimum download speed of 256 Kbps.
Services Max. Contention Ratio as Recommended Max. Contention Ratio for Swift Users
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*For more information please visit Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) website at www.trai.gov.in