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The Companies in the Group are having multi-faceted goals and cater to different segments. Our products and services target the traditional exports and production lines as well as the newer and emerging technology related services.

We pledge to keep growing and adding new companies, businesses as well as increasing our market share and services in existing companies to add value to all related stakeholders. We aim to grow as a Group by leveraging our approach to fairness, partnership and joint working, not only in India but across the world as well.

Milestones of the Group

  • Late Mr. M. L. Patwari founded the Patwari Group in 1955. This flagship company was called India Overseas Corporation with its core operation in Cotton yarn. Mr. B.L Patwari, Mr. Ram Gopal Patwari and Mr. I.L Patwari assisted him. The company soon expanded its operations to New Delhi, Bambay and Calkutta.
  • Reverse and start from 1955 onwards and downward.
  • The group brought a sick spinning mill in Hyderabad and turned it into a profit making company.
  • The Patwari group together with Mr. Anil Agarwal family forayed into cable and conductors manufacturing through take-over of Shamsher Sterling cables Ltd. And conversions of the partnership firm into Sterlite Cables Ltd. and later to Sterlite Industries Limited.
  • The group took over a sugar mill in Andhra Pradesh, Krilampudi Sugar Mills Ltd. In later years crushing capacity of this was increased from 700 TPD of cane to 1800 TPD. As value addition and better utilization of produced waste, an alcohol manufacturing facility was also added.
  • Mr. Ganesh Patwari and Mr. Sushil Patwari also joined the business and helped in the further growth of the group.
  • A garment-manufacturing unit in Madras was established in 1973 employing more than 500 workers.
  • Several new companies were setup to focus on multiple areas of businesses and have continued to grow over the years.
  • formation of Patwari Group.
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