Swift Online


Data Center & Hosting Solutions

Expanding your global presence is a business priority in the Internet Age. As your company grows, you need new choices to meet your communication needs. SwiftMail offers a host of solutions designed for the virtual economy you operate in. By utilizing SwiftMail's Co-location services you harvest the possibilities of the Internet without the expense of building your own infrastructure.
SwiftMail can provide the total solution for your Colocation requirements. Co-location, if effected by independent organizations, maximizes their potential and provides the physical space needed for the interconnection of networks.
For Co-location services, the user maintains and monitors its own servers. The user will own the server on which the information is housed, and will merely use SwiftMail's facilities to store the server. Here you situate your own hosting hardware in our purpose built, high security data center.

The Various Features of our Center are;

Superior Environment
  • Security, including advanced fire suppression systems and environmental safeguards
  • Redundant power and network points
  • Raised floor or overhead cabling
  • Exceptional reliability and scalability
Network Connectivity
  • High-speed access through our Internet backbone
  • Internet backbone of multiple A Grade ISP's with direct links into internet on totally redundant paths
  • Flat or metered bandwidth available in increments from 64 kbps to 2 mbps
NMS Services
  • Complete network monitoring
  • Remote hands and command entry service (i.e., system reboots)
  • Load balancing without the need for custom hardware
  • Unequalled service level agreements 24 / 7 Support Services available
Data Security
  • Firewall protection - provision for customized Firewall
  • Network security - continuous monitoring and security / network audit
  • Multiple level of security - human as well as electronic Access Control cards for IDC entrance Caged Racks available for customers only.
  • Video surveillance system covering every inch of IDC
World Class Operations & Maintenance
  • Certified AMP cabling with gigabit backbone
  • Switched 100 MB fast Ethernet
  • OC3 backbone with public and private peering
  • UPS on all systems backed by auto-start dual DG sets
  • Microprocessor controlled redundant air conditioning
  • Programmable desktop network alerts and audio alarms
  • Ultra modern dust-free and anti-static environment
  • Secure access control
  • Smoke detectors and fire-fighting systems
  • Raised flooring for systematic cabling
In-built Services
  • Remote hands to help execute certain tasks 24 / 7
  • Hardware and Software procurement and configuration
  • Shutdown services
  • Restart Services
  • Network Configuration
  • Trouble shooting services
  • Provides you with facility / space to work on server directly
Excellent Support / Offerings
  • 24 / 7 Customer Support
  • Multi-tier support staff with automatic information escalation
  • We provide the server and manage the entire server for the customer
  • Leasing hardware and not buying out the same.
  • Caged co-location &
  • Value added services like data-backup, periodic services to system, shutdown / restart services to give the customer an entire ball of services.