Swift Online



  • Swiftmail founded by IOCEE Exports.
  • Launches International Call back Services in India.
  • Launches Fax-Store-And-Forward services as Value added services.
  • Planned to Launch its Own internet Services.
  • Launched its own internet Services in 7 States at one shot.
  • Launched wireless internet services - SwiftWLL for Corporate and individuals.
  • Forays into the Call Center & BPO Sector by setting up a Worldclass Multi-Media contact center in Chennai.
  • Launched its VOIP solutiuon division to offer Voice Support,Web Support & E-mail support to MNCs.
  • Launched its unique Broadband services - SwiftNet and Cybercafes - SwiftCenters.
  • Started providing IBW to all location in India without any NLD charges to ISPs and Operators.
  • Closed year with 54 Business Associate across country using and promoting Swift Services.
  • Closed year with new GP/Franchisee/New POPs & a huge order of a reputed public sector company.
  • Started Providing VOIP services to Call center segment across country successfully.
  • Closed year with PSUs/MNCs as clients & a good number of Associates/GP in our team.
  • Successfully catered N numbers of Call center and proved quality in VOIP services to the Market.
  • Swift decided to present itself in the market as a complete solution company.
  • Started adding lot of products & services in its basket alongwith IBW & VOIP.
  • Started building a very huge and deep rooted retail network for promoting its products,services & solution.
  • Covered many states in India with the help of its distribution & Retail partners.
  • Activated the retail chain successfully.
  • Adding more….
  • Products Added:
  • PC - SwiftPC - catering the need of Rural, Semi - urban and Urban, catering basic requirments of students, Labs, Centers, Cafe & SME/SOHO establishment.
  • CMTS - Konnect-enabling Cable associates/ISPs to provider voice, Data & Video on the same Cable network.
  • IP Phones/ATAs - SwiftXs - enabling all kind of user segment to enjoy quality calling thru a Quality Hardware on a very economical cost.
  • Launched Roaming Broadband Services thru its already built Retail network Across Country.
  • Introduced Data Card services to its users at a very cost effective way in association with TTSL under Synapses name.
  • Capitalized on its core business strength which is bulk IBw selling and got quite a good number of stable clients in India for IBW which as per agreement would be our Nodes in their respective territories hence expanding reach.
  • Established Swift as an umbrella, ready to accommodate any good product & services which can be pushed in its network.
  • Opened few projects like telemedicine and remote surveillance and maintenance of the networks.
  • Established Swift as a company handling Corprate/SME and Institutional segment also successfully.
  • Got quite good number of Educational Institutes across Northern and Southern region initially as our esteemed clients.
  • Provided complete IP solutions to educational segment starting from internet Bandwidth,Campus Wi-Fi, billed Access for Students & Knowledge server hosting & access solutions.
  • Built a partners network,required to cover all possible segments in the market so that we are present everywhere with excellence.
  • Roped in major builders to cover maximum apartments,Gated Societies,TownShips on its FTTH/CMTS network and keep them ready for all prioviders to ride on for providing their services.
Plan & Commitments
  • To become one of the Top 5 ISP’s in India after the carriers
  • To setup more 50 locations in 2012-13 year.
  • To activate minimum 6000 MB across country on all carrier backbone.
  • To be known for our Quality, Commitments and being a Stable Provider.
  • To establish SwiftMail as one of the solution providers in India as far as Govt. Projects and Development schemes (IT related) are concerned.
  • To offer newer solutions combining the benefits of technology and touching lives of people in interior of India and not only in the main Class A cities but in Class B & C cities too.
  • To combine and offer solutions and technology for Internet, Television and VOIP solutions using Internet as the backbone.
  • To offer surveillance solutions not only in corporate/Govt segment but to home users, markets & communities as well so they can monitor their homes as a service on monthly charge basis.
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