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Campus Management Solution

Technology on campuses has consistently raised the quality of education across the globe. Prestigious and progressive educational institutions have adopted technology to integrate systems, functions, departments and stakeholders by bringing them on to a common platform. Thereby increasing productivity and enhancing the quality of education imparted.

Today, process automation, in-campus document management, easier access to information, productivity enhancement, distributed dimensions on campuses are creating newer and greater challenges for management, administrators, faculty and students.

From the time students apply to the time they graduate, to decades of support for their alma mater, our CRM from  helps them stay connected and engaged with your institution. The software enables you to deliver highly personalized and timely services on their terms, to their choice of digital communications media and Web 3.0 tools, including email, text, and chat, and popular devices like RIM's Blackberry and Apple's iPhone and iPad.

With this advanced platform for communications, services, and workflow automation, your institution can:
  • Recruit, retain, and report with the leading CRM solution for higher education
  • Pinpoint the source of the most qualified candidates
  • Create highly targeted campaigns and fine-tune them in real-time based on advanced reporting and analytics
  • Retain student through proactive e-advising
  • Deliver on-demand services, from students applications, financial aid, and degree audits, to alumni relations and advancement
  • Provide services through constituents’ preferred communications channels, including phone, email, chat, text, and Web portals

It is becoming imperative for educational institutions to embrace newer technologies and harness them to maximum potential in order to offer successful solutions, deliver key functionalities and enable services that make life easier for administrators, faculty, students and parents alike

Swift Campus
is an Educational Resource Planning (ERP) software which is a best-of-breed smart card technology solution specifically created for educational institutions. It is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for automation of campus functions and information management of educational institutions.